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Anyone know anything about this or how to get rid of it? Mate has been infected.




Home page changed to the above and then this:


Attention! Your system is under control of remote computer with IP address The remote computer has access to the following folders on your PC:

- \WINDOWS\System32

- \Program Files\Internet Explorer

- \My Documents

- Drive C:\ files

Click here to download official anti-spyware software




Any help would be much appreciated. :)

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Everytime I go to that site my computer is always fecked.



My computer seems to be pretty much constantly fecked at the moment.


When I switch on get a SMART warning of imminent hard drive failure.


Anyone know how much it'd cost to replace the hard drive in a laptop?

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that's funny, I went to that site and was told that the remote system also had access to those folders on my machine.



They even say that the information (including the assertion that I'm running Windows) was provided by a W32 virus on my machine.

Except I'm running linux and don't have those folders.


Don't believe everything you read.


Looks like they want you to install their softwareon your machine (which will probably be loaded with dodgy stuff).

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