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anyone here a plumber?


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Strangely enough I just did this yesterday.


Here's what to do. Get a bucket for under the u-pipe and clear all the stored stuff out from under there.


Check the pipe and if it is plastic, you should be able to unscrew the ring linking the pipes. Unscrew it on each end to remove the section of pipe.


Thoroughly clean the u-pipe. The majority of the blockage should be here. Also clean out the down-pipe going from the plug hole to the u-pipe (run water briefly to test if it is clear). Also clean out the part going into the wall.


If it is a metal pipe, unscrew the little manhole-type thing on the underside of the pipe. Then clean out the pipe either end of it (this type are a pain, they don't clear easily).


Just make sure you keep the bucket undermeath at all costs!


Replace all the parts the way you found them when you have cleaned it all out.

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cheers, it seems that's what we need to do..We've been sticking things down it, pouring hot water, liquid stuff etc but to no avail.


maybe time to dismantle it and have a gawk what's going on..






brace yourself, its not going to be pretty

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