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seven habits


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I picked it up for the second time this month (first put it down 7 years ago). It seems to make more sense to me now. That's probably because I'm searching for some guidance and that's put my head in a suitable state to accept the contents.


Anyone here follow it through? Did you get round to making a mission statement?

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yeah, but sometimes common sense is recognised but not acted upon. I've lost count of the times that I've acted like a t*** and only realised later.


What I'm getting out of the book now is the conscious effort involved in considering consequences before acting. I have a history of being very reactive. I was brought up that way and Liverpool (in general) seems to breed people of that nature.


Is it management consultancy bulls***? Maybe to you, but to me, it's a lesson that I should have learned a while back.

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Steady, melia is on the edge of a big step forwards....





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