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John am Rhein

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He did get a chasing from chirac though didnt he...... Again. Blair that is.


Blair "Well, OK we will give up £5 billion and you give up some of the CAP, say £1 billion"


Chirac "non"


Blair "Ok, we will give up £8 billion and you just tell everyone you will 'review' the CAP in three years"


Chirac "oui"


Although, in my new form, I deplore the UK independance party and plead for us to all embrace our french cousins

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You have a point but what Blair did manage to do was get huge backing, from the accession countries, from the older members, the EU infrastructure and indeed the WTO on the need for agricultural subsidy reform


Chirac will be gone whent he chit from what he has signed up to starts coming the way of the French government from above. And then from the farmers

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Yes he got backing from everyone apart from the biggest advocates of it and the country that will NEVER accept cuts in it




They have only promised to review it, not promised to actually do anything. More chance of me pullin britney than the french giving any of that up before the current agreement runs its course (2013 I think)

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10.030 posts and not a bit of sense in there


Biggest waste of scottish resources since the £430 million jock parliment building


Lock you all up behind that wall again and throw rotten fruit over to feed youd I had my way


Hail Emeror Hadrian



I'm agreeing with you, bellend. ;)


Blair's agreed to a review of CAP in 2008 when the French hold the EU presidency for half of the year.

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Should see the way for a deal to increase farm subsidies by 20%.


Paid for personally by Rupert Murdoch.


In case you was not aware John, you are my new Hero


I am now a left wing anti-capatilist nut job who burns mcdonalds down after watching the corporation on More 4 last nite


I salute you comrade

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Guest sniffer
I don't think the French government have signed up to anything they'll later regret.


And Chirac's successors will probably take a similar line to him.


One thought I had on this farm subsidy issue is: would it be allowed in theory for France to subsidize its own farms or would this fall foul of some established rule against introducting new state subsidies?



Why not? They've been subsidizing a lot of their industry for years anyway. The EU just turned a blind eye to it. Incidentally, anyone ever see the new map of Europe which Brussels had printed a couple of years ago?

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Guest sniffer
The one without Wales on it?





No, Wales were on it, so were Scotland and Ireland. England was left off.

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