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I am to be a Grandparent

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Great news, Boots ! Congrats to you and the family.

Who’d have thought it, all those years ago, back in the days of Red Marauder, Bellis et al ?

Christ we’ve had some laughs and tears since those days Big Stuff. Bellis, Abbo, Will, James T, Swan Red, Ibby, Vald Jnr, Dee, Andy@Allerton, to name a few from many many. Red M is a Da (Sweet Jesus and all his holy Saints), Bellis still has THOSE trainers, Will, alas, no longer posts photos of pub ceilings and the odd Forumite.


By Jesus we have had some great craic, shared some wonderful moments, supported each other through some dreadful personal tragedies, helped each other world wide and been a source of information and advice about anything and everything. Take a f***ing bow guys. I’ve personally shared my Da dying, my Sister in law, Nephew and cousin losing their lives through accidents, my divorce, my second marriage, the birth of Bootser III and Bootser IV and the impending latest arrival of the Connolly clan.


The Family of Red.

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