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Latest FIFA rankings

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Quite amusing... 


1 France (+6)

2 Belgium (+1)

3 Brazil (-1)

4 Croatia (+16)

5 Uruguay (+9)

6 England (+6)

7 Portugal (-3)

8 Switzerland (-2)

9 Spain (+1), Denmark (+3)

Selected others

15 Germany (-14)

17 Netherlands (-)

19 Wales (-1)

21 Italy (-2)

27 Northern Ireland (+2)

29 Republic of Ireland (+2)

40 Scotland (+2)


Germany dropping from top to 15th seems a bit harsh. I'm amused by the idea of Wales being better than Italy and Switzerland being a better side than Spain. 

England at 6 is mad too. 

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They always title it a bit strangely, but it's more a "form ranking table". Germany have lost three of their last five matches, to Mexico, South Korea and Austria. They only beat Saudi Arabia and Sweden so on form, they're absolute s***e and 15th is fair.

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I'd love to know how else they're supposed to do it.


Why not just do it on the last half of football on that basis.


Bit mad that form can be that recent. 


Germany won all 10 of their qualifiers, won their group obvs. Denmark won 6 and went through as one of the better 2nd place team. Germany won 1 of their group games, as did Denmark. 


Suppose they're showing the value of the world cup I guess, but not really a reflection of reality. 

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Here's how it's calculated. Have a coffee first if you read it.




One of the things that strikes me as weird is that if you get to the World Cup Quarter finals and lose to a worse team, your ranking will be impacted more than if you get knocked out by a better team beforehand.

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