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Has anyone bought a Satnav recently that they recommend?


I had a great TomTom a few years ago and as it was getting a bit old i replaced it with another TomTom which turned out to be not as good.


Do any of them come with remote controls now? Indispensible feature, imo, but seems hard to find.

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Here maps from nokia is excellent. You can download maps for any part of the world so no data connection/roaming needed other than for traffic. Also you can get a surfer dude voice which is obviously critical.


same with google map, added benefit is that you don't have to buy a crappy Nokia

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We have one of these in the minivan.




It worked really well when we were in Montana, Washington and Oregon earlier this summer. Google maps is great until you hit dead zones, and there are loads in those states. Other than road trips, I hardly use it though as it tends to be a little distracting.

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