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By fans, for fans. By fans, for fans. By fans, for fans.

YNWA Come dine with me


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You can invite 3 guests living or dead. You have to choose a Forumite to wait on and be servile. The forumite has to dress up like a butler, speak when he's spoken to and call you Sir (or madam) in front of your distinguished guests, you in turn can talk to him like he's a dog, I'm obviously choosing that smelly c*nt Matty but he has to have a wash first and he gets searched on the way out. You can choose who you like but you'd most likely be looking for brilliant and interesting conversation, your guests should compliment and bounce off each other. Or you could be looking for a perve up and invite Marilyn Monroe,, anyway...



Bill Shankly.

Muhammed Ali

Nelson Mandela

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Muahmmad Ali's sparkling repartee would light up the evening.


A bit like you at the YNWA Christmas do.


Stop being a miserable old c*nt, of course your guests are on their top form, which is handy seeing as dead people are eligible.

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