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make your own beer


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Did you have in making it? Do you need a large setup?


Once had someone's homemade peach schnapps. Like poteen - had a cracking night later though !


What you thinking of trying to brew, Surf ? Loads of people trying it in the UK.


A hoppy lager and a hefeweizen. Have no idea of respective difficulties yet

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I once made the mistake of asking someone about this because I was slightly interested and ended up on the receiving end of a full on 15 minutes discussion about the ins and outs of home brewing, the f***** didn't even pause for breath. Eyes were fully glazed over about 2 minutes in.


It's something I would like to try but I'd like to follow some sort of simple guide rather than hear from someone who thinks they are the second coming of the guy who created Stella Artois.

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friend of mine has the ability to turn his hand to anything. bought a farm and did organic farming. Made all the wood stuff for sale on a shaker village farm shop. built a massive farm house with a huge pantry in the hillside.


A few years ago he got interested in making beer.

he got into the sort of details that went over my head like how to change the ph levels and minerals in his water supply to get close to the type of water in various major breweries because that's the best way to replicate the beers. did masses of experiments on different beers and started scaling up. luckily he had a few friends like me who kindly volunteered our time to go drink and judge his beers and give feedback. We're good like that.


He opened his brewery this year and sells from the farm and also at local markets.


As far as selling the beer is concerned his best investment turned out to be his twin girls. People are far more enthusiastic about buying from a couple of 18 year old farmers daughters than a hairy farmer whos been up since 5am feeding cows.. odd that.


anyway he's been very successful and I've heard a lot of detail about grinding hops, ph levels, bottling and beer making that I ever thought I'd need to know.


Its much easier to just buy the bloody stuff than spend all the time and energy making it and risk becoming a complete beer nut.

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