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South America


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specifically Ecuador and Peru.


anyone on here spent much time there - how did you find staying there? what areas should be avoided?



has anyone else spent a lot of time anywhere else in South America that is cheap to live?


I'm thinking of giving a big fu to the so called western world and just living in South America. with a family to support.


I think a little more research is required before I do anything too drastic....

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chile's probably the best if you want something stable

buenos aires for culture (and steak), but the country is run by a 5 year old and pesos are worthless

brazil is very up and coming, but with a few hiccups

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I like the whole vibe around Recife, but you'd have to have a complete mindset change.


Cartagena is beautiful too.


I haven't been to Chile, but I know many who have lived there. It's supposed to be really nice, but would it get you the difference in life that you want? It's pretty Westernized.


I really loved Venezuela to be honest, but it's supposedly a nightmare to live there now. The crime is brutal and the economy is in the sh*tter.

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I spent 9 months traveling in S. America. Out of those 2 countries deffo go with Peru. It's safer, big cities in Ecuador (Quito & Guayaquil) are very dangerous. Also the food is awesome in Peru. By far the best in S.America. Ceviche for example. Peru has great beaches, surfing, mountains, and some great cities too.


Also, I'd add Bolivia into the mix. It's by far the cheapest country but unfortunately with that comes a lower level of cleanliness. I found similar to Peru, just less developed/discovered. Both countries have friendly natives although Peru has dar more travelers/ foreigners so u get harassed more by hawkers.


Chile is a great place to live but I recon it would be quite expensive. It's surprisingly well developed. Also I'd agree on Colombia although it does have higher crime levels. I didn't have any trouble though. It has some awesome variety (cities/country) and the natives are v friendly.


Just grab a backpack & check it out before u decide which country. It's an awesome place to travel in. Really good value

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