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Records you've never heard


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Using the term 'record' in its proper sense, as in a musical recording. Could be album or single tbh. And I had the idea for this thread before I'd seen the 'words you never say' thread, so f*** off.


I saw something somewhere about Christmas novelty hits recently, and was reminded of that 'Nizlopi' thing a few years back, and I realised that somehow I had managed to avoid it at the time, and that I have still never heard it.


Any records you've never heard?

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Gangnam Style.


But then I do live in a cave.

I met an old guy in Australia who lived in a cave on a beach in Palestine/Israel in the late 60s....he was a fascinating bloke...loads of excellent stories and just as me and the wife were looking at each other thinking hes making this s*** up, he pulled out his photos. He was a motorbike mechanic who when his wife left him in the 50s, packed up his bike and drove from Australia, up through asia, into europe, got a job in england for a few years and then off again before ending up in the cave, he had a group of 5 israeli women who came and went regularly, bringing him food and grass, so together they just stayed naked the whole time.


I regret not staying in touch with him...he was sound.

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Its going to get pretty long if we go down this route


"Any Bon Jovi album cos they are f***ing s****"


I'm sure I've probably heard one all the way through at some point.


I'm pretty sure I've never listened to any Doors album all the way through.


American Poet, half of that statement is true. I think I've probably only heard the best of which was bad enough.


Brothers in Arms

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