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New Shows on US TV

Nebraska Red

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A few new shows for the fall and after a couple of weeks I think one or 2 might be OK.


Hawaii Five O is pretty good so far.


The Defenders is a bit wacky but OK.


The Event was a waste of my time.


Blue Bloods looks like it may have potential.


The Whole Truth was a whole load of poo as was The Outlaw.


The new comedies did not impress me too much.


Watch out for a show called The Glades. It's on A & E over here is pretty decent.

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I like 'The Event' so far


Also 'Boardwalk Empire' and 'Haven's not bad


Haven is OK, deffo worth space on the DVR.


I don't have HBO so I cannot comment on the Boardwalk show .


After watching the event twice, i decided I'm not ready for another long drawn out series, especially as it will be canned by NBC if it doesn't do very well.

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Not a new show, but liking The Mentalist's latest season.


My wife loves that show.


Hopefully, it does not fall into the trap of being a 2nd or 3rd season letdown like so many of the really good shows do.


Sometimes, you feel that the writers don't put as much effort in and let things slide.


Bit like a football team we are familiar with!!

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There's a show on tomorrow on Viva (yeah, i know) called Community. Stars Chevy Chase.


I've heard it's quite funny.


Community is ace. Chevy Chase is also ace. Very good show, better than most of the dross that you find on the satellite channels. Surprised it hasnt been on one of them yet. Another started called Outsourced which is kinda okay.

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