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Cork V Down Sunday 19th All Ireland Final


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Tried the usual sources but cant find anything scheduled as of yet. Anyone know of a website likely to be broadcasting live video? If you know of a site that had the hurling final from the weekend before last on then please let me know so I can check that out closer to the time.

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If anyone is looking to watch RTE, BBC etc coverage abroad or want to use any service that is restricted to a particular territory then I'd recommend Identity Cloaker. Its a paid for service (from €4.97 for ten days to €79.97 for a year) but I've always found it worth it as you never have to worry about quality or availability of links. The BBC/RTE/USA/etc. online channels are available as if you were in the appropriate country. I watch the games on a 42" TV and the quality is more than good enough.

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Simply cos I couldn't be arsed searching for the original thread.


Down want to win, but Cork HAVE to win. Cork are older again than the two sides that lost over the past 3 years and the young Down team, out of nowhere, have learned more about the modern game in one season than any other county has in the past 5 years. If Down don't win tomorrow, they should win it within the next 3-5 years.


Trying to get a ticket has been like looking for hens teeth.

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