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How it feels to be 55


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Four coaches we have, four, yet last night two couldn't make it and one was running late so I ended up with thirty kids, the u16's and two U18 squads. It was ok to start with, warmed up together, did some running and 'suicides' but I wanted to get on with my programme for the 18's, still no sign of the U16 manager.


I had them on 4 stations running diagonally with the ball, part of the routine means they all hit the middle at the same time so you have to run with your head up to avoid collisions. One of the 16's is massive but a f*cking tw*t of a kid, he was winding a couple of my lot up when they hit the central station. Incredibly he confronted our 'hard case', an Irish lad with more than a hint of traveller in him, after much argy bargy, BANG it's all off!!


I managed to grab our lad and get him out of it, he was going to hospitalise this stupid U16, yet all he did was keep on baiting him as I hung on for dear life. then we hit the deck, I'm really struggling now, I'm no match for a fit 18 year old but thankfully two parents came on and dragged him off up the other end of the pitch.


Still no sign of the U16 coach, the atmosphere was hostile, I decide to carry on with the routine MINUS the two punch up merchants.


So my lad smiles, apologises, then starts laughing at the state of me, a fat old c*nt puffing and panting, I tell him to f*ck off and keep out of my way, he knows I'm not angry though and he laughs again.


I went to the other end and told the other lad to sit it out, he refuses. :ohmy:


I've got the hump now, I told him to get off the pitch, he starts whinging about how he didn't do anything (apart from start it all), I said and I quote:


'I don't give a f*ck who started the f*cking fight, I'm taking you lot as a favour to your coach and you'll do what I tell you, get off the f*cking pitch, now!.


He looked at me all indignant and said, 'Don't you use language like that to me'.


I'll probably get nicked....


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