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Thought the catch up in demand 'Come Dine with Me' from Croydon is perhaps the funniest one I've seen.


The people in it all look like made up characters. From a complete 'wild child' horrible chav, a Deer Hunter(!) a pretentious Photographer lodged firmly up his own bum and a rather posh lady - it's quite a good mix.


And all of them are horrible - I think if that's in any way representative of Croydon then perhaps it's a place to avoid - it's like a bunch of five year old squabbling.


Good TV though :)


If you've got Virgin on Demand and want a quiet laugh - I think you'll enjoy this. Pretty hilarious - I think it's an older episode - but one that's pretty funny.

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Bloody hell that Deer Hunter (!) bloke is coming out head and shoulders above everyone in the 'I'm a complete t**' stakes.


Funny how your opinion of them changes throughout the series.


I know, strictly speaking, this is a 'reality TV' show - but I find it interesting to see the recipes being sorted out - and the inevitable childish s**** is a huge bonus. I've noticed the Southern ones generally tend to be far ruder than the Northern ones (Maybe because the Northern bods are more likely to chin you - not sure :) )

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For starters:


King Prawn Salad




Chilli (My Missus recipe - about the only thing I can Cook well!) and Rice




Erm.. Ice Cream probably - no one can f*** that up - not even me :)

I'd get 2/40 Hurrah!


whats not to like there ? You'd be a good host I reckon, plenty of booze, quizzes and you could print out polls for the guests to fill in and pop in the A@A ballot box.

A clear winner.

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