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Virtual Manager...

Jay Blizzay

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The most addictive online game i have ever played.


Virtual Manager


It is miles better than CM/FM whatever they call it these days.


Dont take my word for it, try it yourself!


Sign up, then add me:


My team name is Athletico J Dilla


All of you do this now, seriously, i aint joking, imma slow your roll if you're hatin' :cool:


Let me know what your team name is, put it here so we can add each other


Please note you need to sign up to a league, im in English Division 6 at the moment (you start off in division 9 of whatever countries league you decide to go for).


Since its now Thursday you wont be approved for the league till Sunday. That dont mean you can't start buying players and building your team and tactics.


Each league season lasts 1 week in real time.


I've been playing this game for 6 months now and I enjoy it so much that i'm now paying for the prviledge.


Dont worry, you shouldn't have to pay, unless you want to, and believe me, once you've had a go you'll want to :)


Feel free to ask any questions and i'll have a look later and try to answer them.

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