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UK Law relating to pensions


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To the Panel of the Font of ALL Knowledge in the World Ever (or the YNWA Gennie as others might know it):


I am now working for a large corporate company. One of the reasons I accepted the job two years ago was not so much the salary (fairly ordinary) but the fact that they were offering a very attractive pension scheme. Its a company sponsored personal pension where they match your contributions plus an extra 3%. Nice.


However, due to the 'current climate' of Moneygeddon, they have announced that they are going to stop paying into our schemes altogether.


Does anyone know if they are legally OK to do this, or whether it might depend on the type of scheme, or the wording in my employment contract, or something else? Some pointers as to whether this is legal or not would be fandabidozi.


I've tried hitting the Prudential with a hammer, and reinstalling Java but neither worked.


Thanks guys. I'm at your mercy etc...etc...

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