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Late Winners..

Jim D

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Winning goals scored in the last five mins of games



Middlesbrough 2-1 (Gerrard)

Man City 3-2 (Kuyt)

Wigan 3-2 (Kuyt)

Chelsea 2-0 (Torres)

Portsmouth 3-2 (Torres)



Sunderland 1-0 (Vidic)

Bolton 1-0 (Berbatov)

Aston Villa 3-2 (Macheda)


I'm expecting a few more of these yet for either team, the run-in is going to be agonising, Mancs are favourites because they still have to drop four points. With the Champions League back in contention it could go either way, Mancs have the stronger squad, more experienced in situations like this but our players will be more fresher since the Mancs have now already played 52 games this season. Probably going to be our biggest run in since the 2000-01 season.


What a situation we are in at the moment and it is great for the club and the fans to see us challenging for the League Title once again. However I don't think I can bear watching us at the moment, I'm like a nervous wreck and the Fulham game took me over the edge, I'll be sticking to Radio City and Aldo for the remaining matches of the season.


Next up is Chelsea in the Champions League, I'd take a small victory 1-0, 2-1, that Riise goal needs to be put to rest.

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