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just browsing the forums this evening as i often do and wondered how you guys were doing.

I've never met you but seem to be doing things at the same time.


I was reading the forums some months back (nearly 9 to be exact :P) and reading that Anny was to be a dad. The wife came in that very moment, while i was reading that very thread, and said she needed to speak to me, nearly crying she was. I was to be a dad again too :D at the time the emotions i felt, wern't quite the same as Anny's so i didn't post anything. As time has gone on i'm now really looking forward to it. She's due on the 19th so not long to go now at all. Which brings me to how Anny's wife is doing? Have you had the baby yet etc? She must be close?


And Dee, was having awful problems moving if i recall. Selling and buying etc and mortages. Due to our news we put the house up for sale too and trying to move. We had the sold sign put up on our place on Friday :D and we've got something were hoping for! it's all rather stressful though :(


Anyway, thats me, hope you guys are well and everything is going ok. Good luck, i'm off to lurk again :P

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