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Dere's a rat in mi kitchen


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Well, not quite, but...


Last night at about 5am I hear the cat downstairs making all sorts of noises. I've heard these noises before and it usually accompanies her bringing a frog in from the garden and dropping it (undamaged) on the lounge carpet. Hilarity then ensues as I try and catch the sodding thing before it can hop into an unaccesible cranny.


This time however I see she's got a small mouse in her mouth. The mouse is playing dead but I obviously can't tell this. So I try and shepherd her out the front door where she can let go/eat it/etc. whatever she wants. But no, she skips past me and into the lounge where she runs under the dining room table. So as I walk around the table to try and coax her out, I notice her suddenly start looking around as if she's left her purse on the bus.


And I quickly realise she's put the mouse down, the mouse has done one, and she doesn't know where to.


So now I have a small mouse living in the lounge in a cranny somewhere. I've seen it poke its head out of a couple of places tonight and I've got the net from the fish pond next to me but its too quick by far.


So, I'm opening this to the wise panel of sages that we know as the YNWA Genny.


Go on, give me some suggestions...



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