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i told the brook

Herbie von Smalls

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That runs down through the valley

A secret my best friend never knew

The brook told the trees

And the trees told the breeze

That i was in love with you


The breeze told the clouds

Hiding there by a hill top

The clouds told the moon

That shone above

So angry and blue

When they found out

That you and and your god

had another love


the brook became angry

and changed to a river

rushing so madly along

a soft summer breeze

that played tag with the trees

became so wild and so strong

the bashful white clouds

hiding there by a hill top

dark and the rain

came falling down

there hearts couldn't hide

all the tears that were cried

and he tossed them upon the ground


The storm passed on over

There's sunshine again

The change that held

Me are now gone

The trees wave hello

As i stand here below

and the brook

sings the sweetest song

the bashful white clouds

are once again by the hilltop

the sun and the moon

are still my friends

i promise there will

be no more heartaches for me

till i fall in love again

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