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Ransom demand for robbed superlambanana


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Ransom demand for robbed superlambanana


LAMB-nappers have posted ransom demands for the return of a stolen statue.


A hard-hatted superlambanana was rustled away from its flock in Hope Street this week.


Now the thieves have made demands for its safe return to owners Maghull Developments. They also posted photos which appeared to show it in Blackpool.


The company today said if the statue is returned safely it will make a £1,000 donation to the ECHO’s Liverpool Unites campaign, which is raising money for a community centre in memory of Rhys Jones.


The superlambanana, which has a high-visibility jacket, vanished from Maghull Developments headquarters on Sunday night.


It was part of a family of statues taking part in the Go Superlambananas festival.


Development surveyor Jonathan Sealey said: "We had a ransom note delivered by hand at some time on Wednesday, made up of cut up bits of newspaper lettering.


"The note says ‘11 innocent lambs and 58 bunches of bananas or the Herd Days Night gets it’.


"Since then we’ve had photographs posted through our letterbox and the handwriting appeared similar to the writing on the envelope which the ransom note arrived in."


The ECHO has also received a note claiming to be from the Agricultural Students Union and signed by "secretary Bo Peep, somewhere in Woolton".


It says: "We have the superlambanana baby tied up behind bars. She will be turned into chops if we are not given unlimited access to every bar in Liverpool city centre for free drinks 24/7 commending on August 1."


Meanwhile, there have also been reported sightings of the statue in a garden in Norris Green.


Mr Sealey said: "The photos caused quite a laugh, we can’t believe somebody has taken it all the way to Blackpool.


"It’s a very elaborate prank, but we’d like to stress this is theft and we’d like the superlambanana to be safely returned. We’re pledging £1,000 to the ECHO’s Liverpool Unites fund for its safe return and hope that will inspire the pranksters to end their game."


Anyone with information on the missing superlambanana should contact the ECHO on 0151-472 2459 or Maghull Developments on 0151- 702 5656.

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I think they're brilliant, was doing an event this week that involved kids from the school I work at but also schools from London, Glasgow and Sheffield as well and all their kids and staff were getting well into trying to find as many of them as they could. The one in James St Station is quite cool and there is a good mosaic one at the end of Princes' Road.


Only thing is, they're made of fibreglass or something and are hollow, can see a fair few of them getting smashed up probably.

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