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the liverpool of my grandparents


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great isn't it. i sent it to me dad, and a lot of it he remembers too, he was born in 35.

i found it quite emotional.


incidently, the ship leaving on its maiden voyage, the andania with the little girl waving was 1913, it was sunk off ireland by a german u boat in 1918.

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There are big chunks of that which are as I remember it, the Liverpool I grew up in, now almost changed beyond recognition and the nostalgic pull is almost unbearable. It serves to remind me of what was, how I felt and all those I knew who have now gone - and also that for me too there are fewer days to come than are already behind.


We are largely an emotional and sentimental lot, us Liverpudlians - but I've always found that to be both a human and humane strength rather than the weakness some think it to be.


Thanks for posting Mike - really good find that and much too think about.

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