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Creating a Playlist for Kahnee


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Kahnee has agreed to stop listening to the crap that clogs up his mp3 player and only listen to tunes suggested by people on here. I've agreed to donate £75 if he lasts a week and will probably give him more depending on how much he suffers. Its starting on Monday so we need to get a playlist started.

My first choices are from Big Tom and the Mainliners, a legend of Irish country music. Here's the great man singing:


- Where the Grass Goes Greener

- Four Country Roads, and

- The Same Way You Came In

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So is this stuff he might like/enjoy/appreciate or can we load him up with Coldplay, brass bands and country and western tracks?


A mixture of pleasure and pain will probably work best. Coldplay is a little cruel but perfect starting point.

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A right old mix (old mostly, anyway)


Kraftwerk 'Radioactivity'

Kayak 'If this is your welcome'

Stranglers 'Duchess'

Talking Heads 'Life During Wartime'

David Bowie 'Andy Warhol'

Mott the Hoople 'All the way from Memphis'

Faust 'Krautrock/Picnic on a Frozen lake'

Focus 'House of the King'

Jack Johnson 'Curious George' (my daughter recommends that one)

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