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Preposterous buffoon talks utter drivel


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Brian May in Allertonesque waffle


Queen plan second stage musical


Queen guitarist Brian May has revealed a sequel to the stage musical We Will Rock You will be bought to the stage.


"We are planning the sequel," he said. "It is a real challenge."


The 60-year-old said about two million people had seen We Will Rock You, written and directed by Ben Elton, since it opened in London in 2002.


May also said the band were preparing for their autumn tour and new album. "The long arm of Queen has pulled me back in at the moment. It is a beast."


He added: "We've pressed the button to go on tour this autumn so already the preparations are very consuming.


"We've chosen our set, we've chosen our environment on tour. It is very exciting, very exciting indeed. Very time consuming but Queen always was consuming."


Productions of We Will Rock You, based on the songs of Queen, have since opened in Australia, Spain, Russia, the US, Japan and Germany.


The musician was speaking at a formal ceremony to install him as the Chancellor of Liverpool John Moores University.

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I'm about to type 'Level 42' into Google and will be back with the results later. Wish me luck!


Might be a picture of sutty

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I thought this thread was going to be about Kaizer


And what the hell association do I have with Level 42 Scot, you oompa loompa moother fooker?


apologies...you may be a level 43 mage now or whatever the f*ck

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