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Pushing Daisies


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I was reading a book while sort of spying over the top of it and the missus said:


"Look at you getting into a girlie programme!"


But it's very well written and quirky and; of course; Anna Friel certainly isn't hard on the eye.

(Just can't get that Madonna song out of my head every time I see her though, Ray of Light, I'm convinced she sings Anna Friel in it)

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ITV to drop episode 2


The second episode of Anna Friel's hit US drama Pushing Daisies will not be screened by ITV, it has emerged.


The UK broadcaster bought the rights to the entire nine-part series, but only has space in its schedule to show eight programmes before Euro 2008 begins.


Viewers will skip straight to episode three of the modern-day fairytale, about a man who brings people back from the dead - including his first love.


Episode one brought 5.7 million viewers to ITV1 on Saturday night.


"Episode two was the only show we could drop without spoiling the storyline," an ITV spokesman said.


Repeat showing


The missing instalment sees lead character Ned coming to terms with his power, interspersed with flashbacks to his childhood - including a school lesson where he was expected to dissect a frog.


As with the first episode, it was directed by Men In Black and Addams Family film-maker Barry Sonenfeld.


However, ITV said the programme would "be shown at some point because the series will be repeated".


The broadcaster blamed the mix-up on the US writers' strike, which meant only nine episodes of Pushing Daisies were made.


The series has made former Brookside star Anna Friel a household name in the US.


It won her a Golden Globe nomination for best actress, although she was beaten to the prize by Glenn Close for her role in crime thriller Damages.


A second series is due to start filming later this year.


ITV and the BBC will split coverage of the Euro 2008 football tournament, which begins on 7 June.

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