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Schoolgirl found in grandparents' bedroom


Missing West Yorkshire schoolgirl Shannon Matthews has been found alive.

Relative Victoria Saunders confirmed the girl had been found. Unconfirmed reports said she had been found in Lidgate Gardens in Batley Carr.

West Yorkshire Police are yet to confirm the news but said they were looking into reports the nine-year-old had been found.

Shannon was last seen leaving Westmoor Junior School in Dewsbury on 19 February.

Neighbours said police smashed their way into a flat in Lidgate Gardens in Batley Carr and emerged carrying Shannon.

The young girl looked "quite calm" and officers confirmed that she was ok, the neighbours added.

Shannon's aunt Amanda Hyett said the schoolgirl's mother Karen Matthews had been driven away by police from the family home shortly before 1400 GMT.

Earlier this week mother-of-seven Mrs Matthews, 32, said she believed someone she knows had snatched her daughter to hurt her.

Mrs Matthews said: "She got abducted. That's all I can say."

More than 200 officers and 60 detectives have been involved in the search, which police said amounted to 10% of West Yorkshire Police's operational strength.

Officers have searched nearly 3,000 residential and commercial premises in the hunt for the schoolgirl.

The police's focus on the hunt for Shannon has always focused on the local community.

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