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These people should be sterilised


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Jordan and Peter make up name for baby

Jordan and Peter Andre have named their baby daughter Princess Tiaamii.


Tiaamii - pronounced tee-ah-me - is taken from the names of Andre's mother Thea and Jordan's mother Amy.


Glamour model Jordan - real name Katie Price - explained to OK! magazine: "Her name is Princess Tiaamii. Princess because she is our princess and Tiaamii was Pete's idea because it's taken from our mums' names.


Advertisement"We've put an accent over the first 'a' to make it a bit more exotic and two 'i's at the end just to make it look a bit different.

"We love it because it's unique, plus it means something special to us. I'm going to get a tattoo on the back of my neck with a crown and 'Princess' underneath."


Former pop star Andre added: "Katie always loved the name Princess but everyone thought it was a bit over the top. I loved it too but I wanted to name her after both our mums and then I just woke up one morning and thought 'I know! We'll just put them together!'.

"If people don't like it, that's up to them. We're really happy and proud."


Princess is the couple's first daughter. She was born three weeks ago and Jordan nicknamed her Bunny.


The glamour model turned novelist considered calling the baby Tinkerbell, she revealed, but rejected it as too many celebrities have chosen it for their dogs.


The pair also have a boy, Junior, while Jordan has another son, Harvey, from a previous relationship with footballer Dwight Yorke.

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