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wanted! suicide hitman to take one for the team

Herbie von Smalls

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i'd do it myself, only i've got bad knees. i envisage gilps being sufficiently moved by this to volunteer. just think of the positive consequences for the music industry and world peace. we could bring the ubermeisterinen of mediocrity a-tumblin' in one fell swoop.


Madonna is among a host of female stars to appear on a new charity single by vocalist Annie Lennox.

Sing will feature contributions from 23 singers including Shakira, Joss Stone, Dido and Celine Dion, who were asked to perform by the former Eurythmics star.


Lennox, whose new album is due for release in October, wrote the song after her work with Nelson Mandela's 46664 Aids charity.


The singer's last solo collection, Bare, was released in 2003.


Other singers to appear on the new record, which is being released in September, include Pink, Fergie, Gladys Knight, Bonnie Raitt (et vos, gladys & bonnie? :( ), Melissa Etheridge and Lennox's fellow Scottish star KT Tunstall (sorry gilps, it IS for the team).


The song will raise funds for the Treatment Action Campaign (TAC), whose own vocal group The Generics inspired Lennox to create the track for her Songs of Mass Destruction album.


The award-winning singer, who released her first solo album 15 years ago, performed at the 46664 concert in South Africa in 2005, staged to highlight awareness of the plight of women living with HIV and Aids.


Lennox has amassed four Grammy and 11 Brit awards in a career spanning more than 25 years.

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