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People I met at the match today

Andy Mac

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Of course I met the usual suspects ( and thanks Will for the ticket; sutty for calling me a terrier; anny rd for calling me a fat c*** :D and Molby and mate for being good company throughout the game) but I met another couple of people who I think typify what being a Liverpool supporter is all about.


Danny and his son (who is "Gerrard mad") walking along the road outside the station virtually begging for a couple of tickets for the game at 12.15. I said "you'll be ok, mate. There should be some floating about" He replied "I promised him he'd go but I've only got a ton but a bloke I've just asked wanted eighty each". I told him to try the station and the away pub as the best reference points. Five minutes later they came back two tickets , broad smiles and a can of stella as a thank you for the advice.


Saw them after the game (by chance) and the kid said "killer goal by Gerrard" His dad, Danny, added "That's a great Christmas present, isn't it son" Lovely to see.


Next. Bloke to my left at the game. Looked like he'd been picking stubs up before the game ( breath smelled like he had,too) he told me he'd lived in London for 22 years but went to all the Liverpool games in London - he was a season ticket holder in the "old days" but was drawn to London because of the building game. He found it hard scraping the money together for the games but he "loves the "Reds" Sang his heart out, gave the players a bit of "gip" when we sat back but was really happy when we scored.



Made me think the vast and diverse number of us who support Liverpool; what it means to us; and the lengths some of us go to the get behind the team.

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