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Contact details for anyone at Liverpool Football Club...


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Apologies to the mods if this is in the wrong forum...


Does anyone know of an email address or phone number through which I can contact someone, anyone, at the club who deals with Merchandise....?


I've been having a real nightmare over the purchase of a Long Sleeved Home Jersey through the online store, the upshot of which I was sent a short sleeved, which I returned the same day at my expense - I was then sent the long sleeved over a week later and wrote off the Postage & Packing I never got reimbursed as I was so pleased at getting the kit, but now I've been charged for TWO more LS home jerseys under the same order number which I never ordered and which I've never received.


The "Contact Us" application on the Official site is embarrassingly bad - I've never had a response from anyone.

The phone numbers (including an 0870 number, which I think incurs high rate charges) is never answered..

and the International Sales number, from which did receive a semi-helpful response redirected me to the returns number (an 0151 number), which is constantly engaged.


I hate to be cheesed off by the club I love, but I'm also miffed big-stylee at shelling out £145 for ONE jersey, which arrived very, very late.....


So, can anyone please help by giving me a contact through which I can chase up a refund?





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