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Supporters from 5 clubs think we will win the league


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According to some geezer on Square football we are going to be champions...... :popcorn:


1. Liverpool 83-88 points


Liverpool as champions? Well yes, I think it will be a blanket finish with any of the top three in with a shout for the last month of the race. But I think that Rafa Benitez keeps making incremental improvements in the team and squad. There was a big leap forward last season (over 20 points better), and the two long winning runs suggest a team that is coming to terms with expectations. The new signings look like adding the extra one or two percent that would lift them five or six points into the high 80s.



2. Chelsea 82-87 points


Chelsea drifted a bit towards the end of last season - perhaps with the league more or less won there were a few minds on the World Cup. But the players bought in seem to be focused on a challenge for Europe - and this could just divert them from the odd league match. Conversely an early elimination from Europe would probably result in Chelsea retaining the title. But factoring in a prolonged European campaign and the large squad turnover, I'm predicting a five or six point decline to the mid 80s - but the title could be decided on the final game of the season.



3. Manchester United 80-85 points


This season probably represents Ferguson's final assault on the title and if Chelsea and Liverpool are at all careless then United can still nick it. I think they will get around the same number of points as last season - but if there are some special late signings made they could yet be worth the handful of points needed to take the title.



4. Arsenal 75-80 points


Arsenal have lost three of their most experienced players in Campbell, Pires and Bergkamp. The inevitable downside of this is that they will suffer the odd blip when the younger players struggle and have to find answers that were previously given to them. Saying that I think that the strong form in the second half of the season points to an extra ten points and a possible title challenge.



the rest are here...

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