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New boys


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Right lads, always good to see the same old wrinkled faces around here ;)


Anyways. I think Rafa has really done well with his buying this summer. For me he's kept the identity and the heart of the team but gone and fortified the postitions that needed. I'm very, very happy with the way the new boys are playing.


Pennant. Looks happy. Looks hungry. Looks good.


Bellamy. Looks like a fkin lune. Good on him. Seriously, he looks the dogs balls or something Vic once told me.


Gonzales. Theres something about this lad. Maybe needs a few more games but looks promising.


Aurelio. Ok, had a really good gamea after he came on. Hope he stays fit.


Paletta. One for the future.


I feel Rafa has gone out and picked up some bargains. He has a much more balanced squad and the bench is much stronge now than in the beginning of last season. We even have some players like Agger and Bolo who are almost new signings for us. Then darkhorses like Florent whom I've yet to disregard.


Onwards and upwards ehhh.

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