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Foie Gras

Sir Tokyo Sexwale

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I've just been reading an article about this stuff which concentrated on the ethics of eating it, whether it's cruel on the ducks/geese etc. and was surprised to read that all of the scientific research conducted to date supports the theory that the ducks don't suffer - there's no increased corticosterone - a hormone associated with stress - before or after feeding, no avoidance of the feeder, no withdrawal or other pain signals. There is no necrosis in the liver, i.e. no liver cells are killed & even that there's a lower mortality of the ducks on foie gras farms than on traditional farms.


Whether any of this amounts to it being 'OK', I dunno, it's certainly not the best way to treat a duck (or goose) but whether it's cruel? I know for certain it's a better way of treating them than most chickens ordeal, battery farming whether for the meat or eggs & far better than veal calves go through.

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