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it's that time of year again. . .

charlie clown

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first up I'll echo the recommwndations of Jonathan Strange and Mr.Norrell and the Malcolm Pryce books - I'm taking the one I've not read with me on my holidays this year.


Other stuff I've read recently....


Simon Hughes - A Lot Of Hard Yakka

John Connolly - Every Dead Thing

F.Scot Fitzgerald - The Great Gatsby

Rohinton Mistry - A Fine Balance

Arthur Ransome - Swallows & Amazons

P.G.Wodehouse - Uncle Dynamite

Thomas Pynchon - The Crying Of Lot 49

Greil Marcus - Like A Rolling Stone

edit. David Blair - Gothic Short Stories


Al of which I would be happy to read again.


The stuff I've selected to take with me this year...


Malcolm Pryce - Last Tango In Aberystwyth linkie link

Marcus Berkmann - Zimmer Men

William Golding - Lord OF The Flies

Umberto Eco - The Mysterious Flame of Queen Loanna

John Connolly - Dark Hollow and am thinking of taking his recentish ghost story book, Nocturnes, as well Linkie Link 2

Mark Twain - Huckleberry Finn


at last that's the list so far

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