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Boundary Disputes


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We put up a new fence recently and the geezer at the back reckons its on his land. He wants us to move one of the fence posts 6" back. It doesn't gain him anything in real terms so I am not sure why he wants us to do it. He has a wall a few inches behind our fence which I think is his border.


We don't think we are on his land, and our neighbours who have lived in their house for nearly 40 years agree. The title plan we got from the land registry is inconclusive and the land registry site says not to rely on the scale on it. The bit of land he reckons is his was being used by us for plants and things until we put up the fence. Presumably some form of precendent applies in these things?


I am torn between just moving the 1 fence post in 6" for the sake of an easy life, and refusing to do so in case he tries it on in future. According to the neighbours he tried something similar with previous occupants of our house, who didn't argue and so this presumably makes him think he can do it again.


Am thinking the way to go might be to see if he's prepared to get a surveyor at joint cost in to determine the actual boundary, the result of which we would abide by and if need be I'll move the whole fence rather than just 1 post.


Anyone any experience of similar things? Done a bit of research on the net, but its very complicated.

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