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Feel good thread

Andy @ Allerton

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What stories, feelings and good news can you share amongst our great band of forumites to cheer them up and make their day just that little bit happier and nicer?


Has someone helped you? Has something suprised you in a good way? Have you viewed the world a little better because of some good act or thing that make you cheerful?


Upon returning to Liverpool last week, given it was such a nice day - I decided to go to town (Starting at the Brittania) and have a few bevvies in the nice sunshine.


I had a couple of pints quietly admiring the Mersey, then thought I'd walk down to town from there - but the heat of the sunshine made me change my mind.


There was an old bloke standing at the bus stop - and we soon struck up a conversation while waiting for the bus.. Which never turned up.. Eventually (After it was 20 minutes late) - I gave up and upon spotting a cab - hailed it - since the bloke was going to town - I offered to drop him there in the cab - he accepted and later on I was in the Pump House marvelling in the view of the Albert Dock and the fantastic buildings all around bathed in the sunshine with lots of happy people chilling out and having a few beers and drinks.


The creaking of the boats moored there and the blueness of the water reflecting the Liver Buildings was amazing to see and the sheer relaxation and happiness of sitting there after being stuck in Telford was so good words can't really express.


I made my way down to Coopers - and was waiting to be served when I felt a tap on the shoulder - it was Brian - the chap I'd struck up a conversation with - who offered to buy me a pint to thank me for the lift - we ended up chatting for about half an hour and he was a very interesting fella - had been working in the Merchant Navy since he was a nipper and used to sail from Liverpool to destinations all over the world - he was made up because he said in the 'old days' people would offer others a lift in a taxi all the time - and he thought those days were over - he said "His eyes were opened that some people still looked after others in little ways when they could" - of course, I got him a pint back - and after saying goodbye - I wandered around town soaking up the atmosphere that is apparant even from being away for a small time.


Through the course of my meanderings that day - there were so many acts of random goodness and good natured laughter and simple enjoyment of the time and the day that it's good to think it's an unconcious common place thing and that goodness will always win out in the end.


It's a lovely City with Lovely people and good reason why I love it more than anywhere else I've ever been.

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