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  1. We have gaping holes in our midfield that even Sanchez AND his Mrs wouldnt have soved,
  2. Just had a look at the Origi pic thats floating around on Twitter (same as above) Looks like Balotelli to me.
  3. No stream or satellite feeds anywhere. Been looking for the last hour or so.
  4. Ayre is definitely in Liverpool. I've just walked past him on the strand at the bottom of James street.
  5. Pinched from Twitter. Dont know if this guy knows his stuff but ... Karl ‏@Karlton81 2m I have it on good authority that Billy Hogan is the new CEO at #LFC.
  6. Seems to be taking a while....I wonder if he will be unveiled along with a surprise 3rd signing??
  7. Oddschecker ‏@Oddschecker Liverpool have been cut from 12/1 to best price 2/1 to sign Wesley Sneijder this morning The bookies are never wrong!! Are they??
  8. Just watched both parts of the 'Redmen' interviews. Is the TAW interview the same content?
  9. Klopp now just over 3-1 on Betfair! Wonder if there is something in it or the drop in price is because of Twitter / Talksport??
  10. Apparently around 400-1 although there has been some cash at a little higher!! The power of Twitter!! (I'm on at 25's!!).
  11. Pinched this link from twitter; http://www.chivascampeon.com/noticia/2009/ Chicarito using same alleged word as Suarez.
  12. Judging by his Youtube clips, he looks a massive step up from Ngog!
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