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  1. taking my mate over for his 40th any idea's Mr Swan
  2. jariiiiiiiiiise


    mines a hard drive one its superb mate and dead easy to use so buy a disc one lol
  3. I have a superb reply to that comment referring to the size of your ego but you'll only ban me again so whats the point
  4. The other week I was sitting in the anny roads end and the two lads in front of me were saying " he's Sh*t" and why would you spend £18m on a player who never scores" Found it quite amusing
  5. If memory serves me correctly the board were 100% behind Houllier right up till they sacked him
  6. Very good Wayne I may start reading your reports now as i always classed you in the knee jerk club with Snorky I now know different nice one
  7. Interesting this is the first time i've compared them. although the design is very similar you can see Structurally they are very different with the effect that i would say its been down sized in structural strength by 10/15% maybe because we don't need the earthquake protection factor as they do in america or maybe to save money. all we need now is some good old Italian concrete and we'll be able to knock another ten mil off the bill lol
  8. There is a popular misconception that playing three at the back gives you an extra man when in fact it does quite the reverse. and if you didn't know that you don't really understand football tactics ps i like big writing now as I'm getting old , If only everyone would use it i could read there replies
  9. When more than one person stands up and says Rafa out the BBC and Sky will report it as a Mass protect
  10. He also said Luton was in the south midlands
  11. Only if it would get KNEE Jerk idiots out of the game
  12. All this knee jerk cR*p from give him a job for life he's got us to two champion league finals in three years to lets stand behind Rafa the Americans are after him to anyone off the street could get our team to third some of you guys are a scream to read Is anyone else brave enough to say I don't care if we have a bad patch or a band season we are in this for the long haul and I trust him TICK THE BOX YES OR NO YES
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