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  1. It's a sponsorship with vauxhall motors
  2. not bothered what class he is as long as he wears the shirt with pride
  3. its well known or at least should be by now that there is no itk on these forums all they do is pick up snippets from papers or twitter forums and then just post that they got a text off a mate .Well if somebody text me and told me something about lfc the first thing i would do is ring them and find out what they knew. Its pointless getting involved with them They are sad individuals who are attention seeking. A true ITK tells you something that no one knew about before it has reached the papers.The only person on here who used to do that was scott and he has stopped posting now. Forget the
  4. yes I thought the same obviously struggled over there maybe he will be more suited at Liverpool
  5. What does everyone think of Eljero Elia Juventus
  6. The other one is doni tomorrow
  7. Fair enough that is your opinion I have another we will just have to agree to disagree
  8. Or they could both be wrongDont believe anyone on an internet forum is getting information that could possibly put any deal of this size in jeopardy No one involved or having dealings with this would give any confidential information to anyone who was not direcly involved in the process and would never give it to anyone who then proceeds to pass it on to a website in full view of thousands of people Just isnt going to happen Just my opinion of course
  9. Correct Don vito Corleone He is the one spouting about the china links Unfortunatley it is not as clear cut as he was making out it to be it would appear
  10. The fact is we do not have a clue which offer is the best I trust Broughton to make the right decision at the moment He has all the facts not us
  11. Latest from SMTM on TIA Was much about nothing. It was to do with a PR company who is being retained in the next three weeks by Tom Hicks with a specific mandate. (but it is LFC related) Sorry it's nothing earth shattering Although surprise surprise its was a significant movement from this same source only a couple of hours earlier What an absolute clown he is
  12. Exactly they are hilarious I would advise anyone to go on there its great Im sure they will be back from there meetings in a couple of hours to give us there latest scoop:wacko:
  13. Not sure about this guy at all He seems to trawl the websites and the makes out he is in the know Oliver kay says there is something afoot as previously stated a couple of hours ago Then he appears saying this Merrills have now nothing to do with the sale I thouht it was now Barcap
  14. By PAT HICKEY, The GazetteApril 23, 2010 2:03 AM Twenty months ago, the Canadiens and their owner, George Gillett Jr., were on top of the world. The team was about to launch its centenary celebrations and there were high hopes for a 25th Stanley Cup. The team finished first in the Eastern Conference standings the previous season. They were eliminated by the more physical Philadelphia Flyers during the second round of the playoffs, but general manager Bob Gainey addressed the club's lack of toughness by signing heavyweight Georges Laraque. As for Gillett, he owned two iconic franchises -
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