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  1. Brief thought - anyone who comes in January has a strong chance of getting a league championship medal, that has to add a little weight to the overall attractiveness of any deal to the player when they measure their career in medals.
  2. Syed is quite a good writer though. Bounce is a good read (apart from the questionable last few chapters that wander into a eugenics debate)
  3. For all his talents, I don't think DJ will win another major whereas Brooks will end up with more than Rory.
  4. SIlloth is normally played into front 9 and with wind on back (according to the pro). It's rated as the top course under £100 in the country. Number 2 is Ladybank just outside St. Andrews which is brilliant if you ever get the chance.
  5. There is a lot of undulation in the course and without doubt there is a premium on the fairway as anything wayward is almost a penalty shot. It is very long though so was always going to suit the bombers. Would say its the hardest course I've played (aside from Siloth last week with the wind blowing the wrong way which was brutal).
  6. It's great to play but incredibly punishing. Significantly more challenging than Pebble Beach where the US Open is as an example. The 18th is a terrible closing hole though.
  7. In case you don't know - if you go onto the Masters website and onto the leaderboard, they are showing video clips of how each hole has been played by each player so you can pretty much see every birdie / bogey etc. Is about a 5 minute lag but its fantastic to be able to see each hole played.
  8. more votes on Brexit, no decisions, tory splits, more votes on wednesday thats 12.
  9. Burnham and Berrow is a great links just south of Bristol and well worth a look at. Not a links course I know but if you were after a shorter journey you could do Whittington Heath (Harry Colt) in Staffs before HS2 goes through it and also Beau Desert (Fowler course), both of which are great heathland courses.
  10. Frank Pont did the masterplan for restoring my home course which is a classic Fowler Simpson design. The changes have been brilliant, particularly on the bunkering and tree removal. He really knows his stuff
  11. Takes 5 - 51/2 hours to play at least which is never fun and whilst views are stunning along the coast the inland holes are less exciting. Spyglass is not quite as pretty but a tougher course to play and would play that again over pebble.
  12. In the spirit of asking for advice, I'm in New York for 9 days in August and can probably escape the family for a round of golf somewhere. Anywhere you'd recommend NYR that's commutable from Manhattan and is realistic to get on?
  13. Not played it I'm afraid so can't comment on that one. Have played Langland bay which has some great holes up in the cliffs and some stunning views. It's a short hop from Pennard so may work for you and its mostly inland so doesn't play as a links. Also played Swansea Bay but wouldn't bother with that unless you want views that make you feel like your playing golf in grand theft auto.
  14. Its a classic new course, more corporate than a members course (think Belfrey, 2010, Grove). Doesn't have the character of some of the older courses so depends on preference, it does have a great club house though. There is lots of water to navigate but overall its not too bad for the money.
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