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Name a c***


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The guy in the mirror

Michael Jackson? Fair shout...



Blimey - only one? Someone we know or have met?


I was introduced some years ago at a party for the launch of a BFI season/project I'd done a bit of work toward to Val Kilmer. I wanted to say how much I'd enjoyed 'Heat' - listening to him talking to a handful of others I decided not to bother as he was by far the most obnoxious twunt up his own butt I've ever come across - though that could change!

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No question for me, a woman, Australian - you lot will have no knowledge of her, but she is the only human being I have had to spend a lot of time with who ever truly deserved the label 'c***'.


To give an idea of just how much she got up my nose, I forked out £3,000 of my own money (8 years ago) just to have her investigated (followed, phone-taps, rubbish searches, criminal records checked, news data bases checked etc...) Results handed over to the relevant authorities (Ant-Corruption agency) with absolute pleasure...


Apart from the corruption and fake lifestyle, she both condoned and covered up child abuse. That was what made me go after her.


The boys managed to trap the bitch into a telephone interview when she thought she was being touched up for a very good job - the recording was/is amazing: the dirt she was throwing around at all those who had been supporting her up to that point; the lies about herself and her husband... Worth every penny just to get the b*****d nailed.


The name? Gay Fielding. Yes, F as in f***-Face-Fanny-Fielding.


Oh, and just to show that their is justice in this world, she's got an absolutely huge butt that ruined every attempt she made to squeeze into designer clothes.


Are we in the right forum here?

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Mick Wadsworth


RP, Do you mean former oldham and huddersfield town boss and Bobby robson coaching staff member?


If so, infact, anyone who wants to know who he is, go onto www.mickwadsworth.co.uk, its a great site about how s*** he is and how he is a b*****d and a c***.


Paul Waite, the main boss at my work.

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