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It amazes me how Refs are maybe in awe of him and don't book him, same thing with Rooney, both deserved to be sent of today (not because of direct red cards)...


Not that i'm complaining but it sucks to see that players like sissoko get booked so easily (he deserves them at least half the time though)

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He was still complaining after he took Sinama out.


Brilliant footballer and talent wise i wish he was playing for us but such a spoiled, arrogant little b*****d. He was booked the other day and whilst walking away from the ref, turned round and said something like " You stupid ****ing t**t ".

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If I was Rooney I would have moved to us...


what would you prefer to be hated by half the city you grew up in or all of the city?



Still trophys do all the talking and he hasnt won much since being at utd...in fact the rest of the side has possibly suffered..


Im Still to be convinced that paying tons of money for one player has huge benefits...


Even at Real madrid with the amount they have spent, an awful side at present and havent been the same since they let go of their unsung hero makelele...


Of course if you are chelsea and decide to spent tons of money on many players it is different.

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