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PC Help please.....

Lee W

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Got a problem with an External Hard Drive that I can't see in Windows Explorer.


- It's running off a USB Hub, but that's not the problem as other devices are connected and working fine.


- I've checked 'Device Manager' and the device is also listed under 'Disk Drives' and is functioning correctly.


- The BIOS also recognises the device as a Removable Disk Drive but I can't see it in Windows :wacko:




Any ideas ? :(

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If you're running XP, you need to "initialise" the disk before XP will see it. Go to the partitions section of disk managment and right click the drive to initiailise it.

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Just out of interest, can you remember how you sorted out your problem ?



I switched one thing to letter q or something, then I could see the missing one with the same letter q previously had, changed that to what I wanted it to and then changed q back to what it was.


Or something like that. It was a while ago.

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