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Fair Play League 2013/14

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I see Liverpool FC topped the PL Fair Play rankings.


If their fellow English teams had been a little better behaved then it would've opened up an opportunity for local minnows Manchester United* to compete in the Europa League.


Shame ;-)




* - not to be confused with FC United of Manchester, who finished 2nd in their league

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Don't want to ever win the Fair Play League.


It's on a par with being the "most improved player".


I dunno, if we won the league whilst topping fair play we can claim 'winning it in the right way'.


Of course, we finish anywhere other than first in the league then fair play can get f***ed, should have been more cynical and kicked our way to the title!

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Winning is clearly the overriding factor for all of us.


But if we can do it with style & tough (but fair) football along the way, all the better.


What I like is we didn't pick up a single red all season for petulant acts where our player has seen the red mist.


It shows good discipline & focus within the squad. Given it was a pretty compact squad we'd have started to feel the pinch if we were racking up suspensions left, right & centre.


Hendo's tackle was dangerous admittedly but it was IMHO not intended to be so and was a product of poor control & tiredness as much as anything else.

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