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Peter Parker


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I googled it. So apparently, Petey switched bodies with Dock Ock, then experiences doc's memories of boning Aunt May, then kicks the bucket. Doc Ock will be the new Spider-man in the new Superior Spider-Man.


Not quite up there with "gwen stacy lost her virginity by cheating on Peter with Norman Osborn and had super-growing goblin twins in Paris", but it sounds like a worthwhile addition to the hall of shame nevertheless.

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Nutjobs have been sending the writer death threats :rolleyes:


He (Dan Slott) has been getting far more on Twitter over his outspoken pro gun control stance over the past couple of weeks. Would be interested to know how many of those who have been deriding the story have read it, let alone the preceding 100+ issue run from Slott. Not many would be my guess. It's been rightly hailed as one the finest extended runs in the character's history and this end is a payoff that has been earned. It is certainly a fitting cap to the arcs Peter Parker and Otto Octavius have been on through that long run.


I've got reservations about the move, but Slott's done enough to deserve my trust and I'm genuinely intrigued to see where it goes in Superior. We all know it will only be short term anyway. Peter will no more be gone for good than Steve Rogers or Bruce Wayne were. I'd be surprised if he's gone for even half as long as the time Ben Reilly was in the costume back in the day. That's comics. It's all good as long as the stories being told are enjoyable on their own terms. This one, so far, certainly has been.

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