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David Haye on Nicolai Valuev

Leo No.8

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David Haye comes across as a bit of a prat with all his antics, but to be fair the heavyweight division needs something to make it interesting again, as at the moment its just gigantic Eastern European robots holding all the belts.


Must admit I haven't watched a heavyweight title fight in a long time, not like back in the days of Lewis, Tyson etc. It always used to be the most popular weight division but all the entertainers like Mayweather and Pacquiao are in the lighter divisions now.


Anyway, I thought a lot of what Haye had said leading up to the aborted Klitchko fight etc was embarrassing, but this latest outburst at a press conference about his upcoming Valuev fight did make me laugh...

"He doesn't have the technical ability to beat someone as fast and as experienced as me," said Haye, who has 21 wins from 22 professional fights.


"There are certain aspects of his game that are very effective, he's got a very good and fast jab, a double jab, he throws a nice upper cut. But he's going to need a lot more than those three shots to beat me.


"He's an ugly type of fighter, he tries to lean on you, tries to brawl and comes out with a really hairy chest that gets matted and is disgusting.


"I've never been a big fan of the matted hair in my face. The size I am, I sort of come up to his chest and apparently the word around the campfire is that he doesn't smell too sweet.


"I've talked to a few guys that have been in the ring with him and they say that's the first thing they notice, just the stench.


"Hopefully he runs a cold tap over himself or someone hoses him down outside before he comes in."



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