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Lisbon Treaty


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So who's voted in what Des Bishop describes as the Mrs. Doyle referendum?


Govt: "Would you like a bit of Lisbon?"

People: "No Thanks"

Govt: "Ah Go on, go on, go on, go on, go on"

People: "Alright so"


I wasn't in the country the last time and didn't get a chance to vote. I voted no, but was really torn as to what way to go.


Primarily I voted no because I watched a debate earlier on in the week in which Joe Higgins wiped the floor with Lucinda Creighton on most issues.


However, talking directly about Defence Lucinda Creighton frightened me into voting no. Joe Higgins made the point that under Lisbon, every member state is obliged to proactively upgrade their defensive capabilities.


Lucinda did not deny this, and said that this was a good thing because "it would ensure men and women serving their country would be protected to the highest standards possible"


That to me sounded too much like Bush-talk to me. Up until that point I was going to vote yes - but the way she seemed to be defending increased spending on military & defence was really scary for me.

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