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Eng v Aus

Behind Enemy Lines

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Not sure about Morgan either,to be honest.

Who the f*ck should we play-Cook is in form,but I still don't think he's a ODI player.


Personally,I reckon we should just give up on them entirely and retire from One Day Internationals as a country.

They're crap anyway.


I've been banging the 'what we should do' drum for a while. whoever wins the 2020 cup should get to represent England, with two/three players, say Strauss, Pietersen and Broad replacing the internationally retired/foreign players

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Collingwood out now-think somebody should really be pushing him for his place in the side too,in both forms of the game.


Seems like it's a massive effort for anybody to try and score anywhere near a run-a-ball.



Wright should take his place and this would allow another 'hitter' in.


His bowling is about the same standard as Collingwoods.

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are we really using our power play for the bowlers again.


we are dire.

We are.


Have we selected a sqaud of 18 players that we can't deviate from or something, that's the only explanation I can think of for Bopara to continue being anywhere near an England shirt in any form of cricket. Prior is way too far up the order.


And why is Rashid not playing ?


Bring Wright back up the order drop Prior down the order is must if we have to stick with this set of players.

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