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Google and Privacy

Frosty Jack

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It's well discussed elsewhere online but never saw a thread here about it, recently at least.

This is pretty obvious stuff, but i'm surprised there isn't more of a mainstream debate about it, and wonder if that is actually part of the problem. Everybody knows there's a privacy issue but it's like we don't really care, or don't see anything we can do about it.


Since the advent of Gmail, or possibly earlier, people have talked about google in relation to future privacy.

Adsense, Calendar, Gtalk, Latitude, and now Google Voice have in a few years turned that threat into reality.

the amount of information they store on everyone now is frightening, and they have no policy regarding its deletion. we are happily sleepwalking into something far more orwellian than any government could pull off.


Android phones and Google voice are their forays into essentially the last parts of your digital communication that they didn't control, store and monitor. They now potentially have push button access to everything anybody says, does, buys, goes, thinks.


I guess my question is whether people think it's possible to use the vital features of web, which is more or less accepted as essential for modern living, without having a google ID or using their search or any of their services. individual opt out of googles services, can leave you unable to communicate or collaborate with friends and colleagues, and is already arguably placing yourself on a lower tier of the internet by doing so.

Is there actually any kind of movement or boycott of google services?



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